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Gazan family donates 4 kidney dialysis machines to a public hospital
a kidney dialysis machine
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Gaza, ALRAY - A Palestinian family donated four kidney dialysis machines to Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza's largest public medical complex, located in the district of North Rimal, to make up the shortfall in medical equipments.

Director General of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Health Mohammed al-Kashif said Sunday in a press statement that "'Harazallah family' from Gaza City donated four kidney dialysis machines for the medical complex,"

Dr. Kashif praised the role played by the Palestinian families and local civil society institutions in supporting the health sector under the suffocating Gaza siege.

He pointed out that the in-kind support offered ​​by the Palestinian family helped ease the crisis experienced by the health sector in Gaza especially in light of the inability to receive the medical equipments and medicines to the Gaza Strip via the crossings.

Following the shutdown of border tunnels and crossings, the medical sector has been hit hard with a shortage in medical equipments and supplies, as well as in fuel.