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Extremist settlers write racist graffiti on mosque’s walls in Jerusalem
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Gaza, ALRAY - A number of extremist Israeli settlers wrote on Monday at dawn racist graffiti on the walls of a mosque in Beit Iqsa village in the occupied Jerusalem, local media reported.

Mohammed Ghaith, one of the villagers, said, The  men who were in the mosque during the incident tried to prevent the settlers from entering but the latter wrote bad expressions insulted Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and threatened to revenge from the Arabs.

Ghaith added that the settlers also burned two cars, pointing out that five settlers   seen escaping toward Ramot settlement near the village.

He stressed that the Israeli police ignored the settlers and did not start an investigation for the incident.

The attack is part of numerous attacks that targeted churches, mosques and even graveyards in different parts of  the occupied Palestinian territories including  Jerusalem.