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Jordan demands Israel to implement UNESCO resolutions
Jordan demands Israel to implement UNESCO resolutions
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Gaza, ALRAY - Jordan on Wednesday called on the Israeli occupation to implement international resolutions related to Jerusalem and the latest decisions adopted by the UNESCO executive board.

The UN agency on Friday issued a resolution denouncing violations by the Israeli occupation authorities in the holy city of Jerusalem. 

In its decisions, the UNESCO condemned Israel over several issues in relation to the preservation of archaeological sites in the Old City, the construction of a visitors’ centre, plans to build an elevator by the Western Wall, accusations of archaeological excavations damaging Muslim sites in Al Haram Al Sharif, and the deterioration of educational and cultural institutions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. 

Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Mohammad Momani renewed Jordan’s warning that repeated acts of aggression against Islamic and Christian sites in Jerusalem, Israel’s unilateral measures and settlement policies pose a threat to the peace process.

Israel’s practices against the holy sites are rejected and condemned and are in violation of international conventions and agreements, he said, noting that Israel must stop its continued violations of the holy city. 

Momani said Israeli occupation insist on allowing Jewish extremists into Al Aqsa Mosque which ignites religious conflict and constitutes a grave offence to Muslims and their feelings. 

Expressing Jordan’s condemnation of the Israeli government turning a deaf ear to the Kingdom’s explicit and constant calls to prevent Jewish extremists from entering Al Aqsa Mosque, Momani urged world powers and international organizations to adopt a firm position to confront Israeli plans and practices against the holy site.