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Ministry of Culture Calls on Britain to Apologize to Palestinian People
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Gaza, ALRAY - In the ninety-sixth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration the Ministry of Culture called on Britain on Wednesday  to apologize to the Palestinians for the major crime it committed and to compensate them for all the years of British and Israeli occupation.

The ministry also said in a statement, "Britain should support the right of Palestinians of   independence ,self-determination and the establishment of the Palestinian state."

The ministry appealed to the United Nations  to implement all the resolutions on Palestine   and the resolution (194) in particular, to work on establishing  the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and to allow the Palestinians to conduct their own affairs.

It also called the Arab and Islamic parliaments to take their role towards the question of Palestine and its people, and expose the Israel's activities  and consider Balfour Declaration as a major crime and scandal that affected directly on  the Palestinian rights.

The ministry  stressed on the need to afford  time in schools ,universities and all the educational institutions, to explain this crime and emphasize on  the Palestinians right of all their  land.

It called the Arab and Palestinian media to address the Palestinian historical and legal right of Palestine.