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Municipal Court decides to demolish Palestinian house in Jerusalem
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -  Jerusalem Municipal Court ordered on Thursday morning the demolition of  a Palestinian house that belongs to Siyam family in Beer Ayoub neighborhood in Silwan town.

Wadi Hilwa Information Center said that the family has been living in fear and anxiety as the court had decided not to postpone the demolition and did not set a date for this. 

It added that Hamouda Siyam’s building consists of two floors, each built on an area of 120m2.  

The centre pointed out the building ,that was built in 1995, was threatened to be demolished several times. The family was able to postpone the demolition orders in the last period via its lawyer and engineer but the Israeli court issued the final decision on that.

Hamouda Siyam said that he  paid a fine of NIS 300,000 in addition to the costs of the permit, pointing out that he will appeal to the District Court to postpone the demolition order.