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A sick prisoner likely to face al-Turabi's fate, his relative says
Raddad's family fears that Mo'tassem faces the fate of Hassan al-Turabi or Mayasara
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Gaza, ALRAY - The family of sick prisoner Mo'tassem Raddad appealed to human rights and legal organizations and concerned authorities to work on releasing him so that he could spend his remaining days among his family.

Mo'tassem Raddad,32, suffers from bowel cancer. He is from Tul Karem's Saida town and has been imprisoned since 2006 in the Israeli jails.

His brother A'hed Raddad told Center for Prisoners of Palestine that "The results of tests conducted to Mo'tassem show the cancer has spread throughout his body; his blood is next to be infected in the event that no urgent treatment is served,"

"No longer the chemotherapy doses administered to my brother are effective although his doctors intensified them," A'hed added.

He noted that beside cancer, his brother is "plagued with by other problems like blood pressure, kidney and heart failure, and visual impairment. He also suffers from unstopping bleeding because of the bowel cancer, and cannot move normally,"

The Israeli prison service continues to refuse that Mo'tassem be diagnosed by a specialist physician to prescribe the appropriate treatment for his deteriorating health, according to his brother. 

"Our earlier appeals for ending the policy of medical negligence against Mo'tassem and releasing him have been met with promises without real action," he said.

A'hed expressed the family's fear that Mo'tassem faces the fate of Hassan al-Turabi or Mayasara Abu Hamdiyeh and other prisoners died while in Israeli prisons due to medical negligence.

Hassan al-Turabi, 23, from Surra village near Nablus, died on 05 November 2013, in Affoula Hospital inside Israel where he was receiving medical treatment for leukemia.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) called for an immediate and independent investigation into the circumstances of the death of al-Turabi.

Israeli forces arrested al-Turabi from his house 07 January 2013 although they knew that he was suffering from leukemia.