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Prawer plan will urge popular action, Arab MK says
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Gaza, ALRAY - Arab member of Knesset Jamal Zahalka called on the Israeli government to refrain from legislating Prawer bill and to talk with the representatives of the Negev residents to find an equitable solution for them.

"Negotiating a solution is possible, as shown in the alternative chart prepared by Oren Yiftachel in cooperation with the Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages of Negev, which meets the demands of Arab Bedouins of the Negev without being prejudicial to or inconsistent with the national and district plans," he said. 

Zahalka's comments came during a meeting of the Knesset's Interior Committee on Wednesday which discussed Prawer plan to prepare for its second and third reading.

He stressed that "acting unilaterally with force by expropriating hundreds of thousands of dunums of land and displacing tens of thousands from their homes will inevitably urge popular uprising; the Israeli government shall be held responsible for the consequences of such development, which can be avoided and prevented,"

The MK condemned the Israeli decision to establish Jewish towns in place of the Arab villages "the [Israeli] government demolishes the Arab villages and build others for the Jews; displace the Arab population and place Jews,"

He described the Israeli measures as 'racist and colonial', explaining that "when it comes to land, Israeli citizenship becomes valueless; the Zionist movement takes the stage by force of arms sometimes and sometimes by the force of law."