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Egypt is concerned with intensifying siege on Gaza: Palestinian Gov.
Egypt is concerned with intensifying siege on Gaza: Palestinian Gov.
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Gaza, ALRAY - The continuous closure of Rafah Crossing by the Egyptian Authorities for the tenth consecutive days aims to aggravate the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, said Ihab al-Ghusain, Spokesman of the Palestinian Government.

“It is very obvious that the Egyptian authorities are concerned with intensifying the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and aggravating the humanitarian  situation resulting from closing Rafah Crossing,” said al-Ghusain in a statement on his facebook page on Sunday.

He wondered about the motivations and benefits behind closing the crossing, warning that the continuous closure of the crossing will lead to a complete collapse of all basic humanitarian sectors in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Ghusain said that Egypt dealt with unjustified negativity with the terrible situation in Gaza.

He called on the authorities in Egypt to stop treating the Palestinian suffering with carelessness because the situation is unbearable anymore.

Al-Ghusain called for the Arab and regional countries to speak clearly about their stance from the ongoing policies towards Palestinian people, and to intervene immediately to reopen the Rafah Crossing.

“We were looking forward that Egypt will help improve the humanitarian dealing with Palestinians; unfortunately, the situation is worsening,” added  al-Ghusain.

The Egyptian Authorities has closed the Rafah Crossing for tenth consecutive days without mentioning the reasons. Hundreds of passengers are stranded on both sides of the crossing including students and patients.