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Palestinian government in Gaza finishes 98% of the total Qatari projects
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Palestinian government in Gaza announced on Sunday that 98% of the total Qatari projects has been finished.

The General Administration of Quality issued a report about the Palestinian Government achievements in last October . It addressed the achievements in the security, good governance, economical, social and infrastructure sectors.

Council of Ministers' Information Office pointed out in the report that 29 Qatari projects were finished and another eight projects is already underway.

According to the report, the number of patients treated in the governmental hospitals reached 146,78, and about 168,948 patients were treated in the Primary Care clinics . The total average of the operations conducted successfully is 3535.

It pointed out that the Ministry of Education opened three new  schools  in the city of Khanyounis, funded by the German grant. The schools called Taiba, al-Jenan, and al-Israa.

In reference to the Information Technology sector, the government has put mechanisms for implementing a public policy for using social network sites in the ministries and the governmental offices.