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Israel renews the detention of two Palestinian PMS
Israel renews the detention of two Palestinian PMS
Yasser Mansour, Palestinian Parliament Member
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West Bank, ALRY - Israel court decided on Monday  to renew   the administrative detention of two Palestinians PMs for the second time, Palestinian Prisoners Center  (PPC) reported.

The spokesman of the PPC ,Riad al-Ashqar said that Israel court extended the administrative detention of   MP Dr. Mahmoud Ramahi, MP Yasser Mansour for the second time.

 The extension of the MPs' detention came in light of the Israeli attempts to undermine the Palestinian democratic process.

He explained  that the Israel exploits administrative detention , as it can hold prisoners indefinitely on secret information without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.

PM Dr. Mahmoud Ramahi and MP Yasser Mansour were arrested on November 24th 2012 , after the backed clay war (Pillar of Defense).

Ahrar center's director stated that 13 MPs are currently held in Israeli jails including 9 administrative detainees without trial or charge.