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Former Israeli-Ukrainian soldier admits killing Palestinians on TV
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Gaza, ALRAY - n Ukrainian young women admitted killing Palestinian including children in the TV game show, “Lie detector”, broadcast on November 4th.

Media analyst Abir Kopty reported on her blog that former soldier Elena Zakusilo decided at her young age to serve in the Israeli military.

On November 4th, she participated in Ukrainian TV game show, “Lie detector” The Ukrainian version of “The moment of truth”. Contestants (connected to a truth detector) answer a series of personal and embarrassing questions to receive cash prizes. During the show she reveals horrible information on her military service.

Zakusilo admits killing Palestinians including Palestinian children. She answers the question “did you kill people” with “yes”.. she explains “we had to fire, had to kill, because it was either they [get] us, or we – them.”

Host: Did you happen to shoot at children? Elena: Yes. Host: How many people did you kill? Elena: I don’t know. She answers another question “are you willing to go back to Israel and continue killing enemies?” with “Yes” too.

Zakusilo justified killing Palestinian children by repeating the same Israeli propagandists’ mantra of “terrorists”, “their mother sends them to die” and “for them it's normal” to lose their children.

Zakusilo, tells how she received a “Major” ranking in the army and reveals the technology of using dogs in the army’s repression of Palestinians. She was involved in training 150 dogs, sending them to spy into Palestinian villages with a camera and headphones, through which they receive orders  from their trainers (to attack for example).

She also admits during the show that she decided to change her family name into a Jewish name so in Israel she would be well treated, as a Jewish, and not Ukrainian.