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Demands of Naqab prison's administrative detainees denied by IPS
Demands of Naqab prison's administrative detainees denied by IPS
Families of prisoners and detainees during a weekly sit-in in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Naqab prison administration has refused to meet the demands of the administrative detainees held the prison.

Ex-prisoner Mohsen Shreim told Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights that "the Naqab prison administration Monday held a meeting with the representatives of the prison inmates to discuss the issue of administrative administrators,"

"The meeting did not yield any results due to the intransigent attitude of the prison administration (IPS),"

Taking on the punitive measures the Israeli prison guards have recently mounted  against the administrative detainees, Shreim  said "the administrative detainees have not been allowed into Foura -a hall where detainees take daily for an hour outside their jails as a break- as the prison guards were ordered to close their cells,"

He added that "the administrative detainees continue on with their protest steps which began a week ago with turning back one meal a day, and two deals as from this week," stressing that "this stage shall continue until the 25 of the month,"

He pointed out that if the prison administration would not respond to their demands, they will go on a hunger strike following the above date, noting that they are still boycotting the Israeli occupation courts.

Ex-prisoner of the Naqab prison Mohsen Shreim has been released Monday after serving a ten-month-long administrative detention.