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Three mother prisoners in Israeli jails
Three mother prisoners in Israeli jails
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West Bank, ALRAY - There are three mothers among 16 female prisoners held behind the Israeli bars in Hasharon prison, according to Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies.

Center’s Director Fuaad al-Khafsh said that the three prisoners are: Nawal al-Sa’di,52, from Jenin, who is a mother of five children, was arrested on 5 November 2012. She is suffering from high blood pressure, noting that she is the oldest female prisoner.

Intisar al-Sayyad from Jerusalem is a mother of four children. She was a arrested on 22 November 2012, sentenced to two years and a half  allegedly accused of trying to stab an Israeli settler.

Al-Sayyad has been suffering from asthma and dyspnea (shortness of breath).       

Prisoner Rana Abu Kweik,32, from Ramallah, who is a mother of four children, was arrested recently on 25 November 2013 and interrogated for 11 days.

Fuad al-Khafsh added that mother prisoners in the Israeli jails sufferes a lot as the Isreali occupation  intentionally deprives  them from seeing their children especially in the first days of their arrest.