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IHH to send Mavi Marmara 2 to the Gaza Strip
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Gaza, ALRAY - Mohammed Hasna, the representative of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation,  said that the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation, IHH, intends to send Mavi Marmara 2 to the Gaza Strip in a new attempt to break Gaza blockade.

Hasna said that the foundation’s decision came in a special session on Gaza during a conference held by the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Istanbul.

Several Islamic organizations provided donations to help the affected Palestinians in the Gaza Strip due to the recent winter storm.

The World Assembly of  Muslim Youth (WAMY) announced its donation with one million dollars to the Gaza Strip, and Qatar Charity also donated with one million dollars.

Hasna mentioned on his facebook that many countries and organizations have donated with different sums of money to the Gaza Strip.

Md Saifullah Khan
May ALLAH bless donating people & The World Assembly of Muslim Youth and many Organization..thanks alot for help the Palestineian & gaza