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Administrative detainees escalate their protests against IPS repressive measures
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West Bank, ALRAY - Prisoners Club reported that administrative detainees in Israeli prisons escalated their protests by returning their meals to put an end to the policy of administrative detention.

Director of the Legal Unit in Prisoners Club Jawad Boulos said in a statement, Shin Bit advisors visited the administrative detainees and listened to their demands and their protests against administrative detention policy, pointing out that the number of administrative detainees declined to 140 in the Israeli prisons.  

He indicated that the Israeli Prison Service(IPS) practiced repressive measures against eight administrative detainees in Majeddo by putting them in solitary confinement after refusing to be moved to other sections in the prison.

IPS of Negev Prison deprived the prisoners from their family visits for two months and transferred some of them to other prisons.

In another context, Boulos quoted from the  detainees " what we had experienced during these days was a catastrophe as we suffered from severe cold, continuous electricity outage and lack of heating means”.

IPS refused to let winter blankets enter to prisoners and suggested they should buy what they need from Cantina while the covers there are so light and do not fit with winter.