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Child born to Jeruslalem prisoner from smuggled sperm
Child born to Jeruslalem prisoner from smuggled sperm
Fehmi Mashahra, father of the newborn child (Safa Images)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Jerusalem prisoner Fehmi Mashahra, 33, has Tuesday had a baby girl born to him after he managed to smuggle a sperm to his wife, Safa Press reported. 

Mother of the prisoner said "the birth of 'Azeeza' left the whole family in a state of euphoria, and gave life to it as it has a son jailed since years,"

Fo'ad al-Khufash, Head of Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights, said "prisoners, particularly the pre-Oslo ones, struggled to get sperms outside the prisons in defiance of the Israeli occupation jailers, and in persistence to bring joy to their families,"

He added in a statement that "there are tens of similar attempts of impregnating sperms into eggs harvested from the prisoners' wives," 

In May 2013, child-bearing of Hanaa al-Za'aneen, wife of Nablus prisoner Ammar al-Zaban, marked the first attempt to bring birth to a child through smuggled sperms. Hanaa case was followed by five successful ones.

Prisoner Fehmi expressed joy with his newborn child, whom her father called after his mother Azeeza, who insisted on keeping a happy family. 

Fehmi Mashahra is father of son Obaida and daughter Zaina. He was arrested along with his brother Ramadan on September 4, 2002 and sentenced to 20, and 36 years respectively.

The Israeli occupation convicted them of having a hand in carrying out an anti-Israel attack in the West Bank colonial settlement of Gilo. 

Some 4,700 Palestinians – most of them from the occupied West Bank – are currently held in Israeli detention facilities.

While there are 170, including 15 MPs, Palestinians under administrative detention. Since August 2013, they have been staging systematic protest steps against administrative detention policy.

Recently the Israel Prison Service mounted punitive measures in response to their protest, including the solitary confinement, and prison transfers.