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Occupation forces arrest ten Palestinians in WB
Occupation forces arrest ten Palestinians in WB
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West Bank, ALRAY - The occupation forces arrested, on the last 24 hours, ten Palestinian citizens from different parts in the occupied West Bank , local sources reported.

Israeli occupation forces arrested Radi Hamayel ,from Nablus, who works in the Palestinian Presidential Guard  Unit.

The forces also arrested Shaukat Saif from Burqa village west of Nablus , after erupting clashes  in the village between the occupation armed troops and civilians.

The Israel Web site, " Walla "  reported that the  occupation forces arrested , on Wednesday night eight citizens from Bethlehem , Jericho and Ramallah .

The site added that “among the detainees there were : a youth from Beit Ur al-Fawka in Ramallah, two from  Bethlehem,  and another two citizens from Surif near Bethlehem, a citizen from   Fasayel village in addition to two citizens from Ein Sultan in Jericho.