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Samer al-Issawi slated for release on Monday
Samer al-Issawi slated for release on Monday
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Gaza, ALRAY – Israel is expected to release Samer al-Issawi on Monday, December 23, morning to his home in occupied Jerusalem.

Al-Issawi was released under prisoner swap deal between the Israeli occupation and Hamas Movement in October 2011 after serving ten years in prison.

He was re-arrested on July 7, 2012 and charged of allegedly breaching the deal’s terms.

One month later, he launched an open-ended hunger strike to protest being detained him without a charge.

He continued his hunger strike for nine months until his demands were met.

Al-Issawi ended his protest action on April 23 after signing an agreement with the Israeli occupation which set a date for his release.

The deal provided that Issawi will be released to his home town in occupied Jerusalem after being held for eight months without trial.

He sought with his 266-day hunger strike for his freedom, which he will embrace on December 23, 2013.