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Israeli High Court ask Palestinians to withdraw a petition against Israeli settlers
Palestinians farmers
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli Supreme Court of Justice panel asked Palestinians farmers from the West Bank village of Yatta to withdraw a petition against Israeli  settlers who siezed their lands, Haaretz reported.

The Israel Prosecutor's Office admitted that the Palestinians proved their legal attachment to the land and advised them to pursue the matter by civil legal action. He explained that the Supreme Court panel's request that they withdraw the petition indicates that it agrees.

Incidents of settlers seizing control of Palestinian land are increased in the recent years.

Three Israeli judges   considered on last Wednesday the petition of the Hushiya family of Yatta. The petition concerns 300 dunoms between the illegal settlement of Susya and the unauthorized outpost of Mitzpe Yair, and another 900 dunams of pasture. The petition is that the settlers launched violent attacks on family members , preventing them from getting to their agricultural land and using the pasture of the their herds. The petitioners demanded that the" authorities " guarantee their freedom of movement and evacuate the settlers.

Israeli Attorney Amir Fisher, who represented the Susya settlement argued on their behalf that  the lot was purchased in 1991 by Yair Har Sinai , but the attorney did not present any documents to back this claim.