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Netanyahu: Pollard's release to be part of peace negotiations
The imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded US administration to free the imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard as part of the negotiation efforts with Palestinians, media sources reported.

According to undisclosed Israeli officials, Netanyahu's demand for the release of the Israeli spy through the platform of peace talks with the Palestinians could be executed in one of two ways: A release of the Israeli spy as part of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement pushed by the Americans for next month, or through a deal aimed at releasing Arab-Israeli prisoners.

A senior Israeli official said on Tuesday that the Israeli government adhered to the agreements with Palestinian side, epically the release of veteran Palestinian prisoners.

Israel Hayom newspaper reported on Tuesday that Netanyahu asked US administration to extend the time of the  peace talks process  , which it expected its failure. It noted that Israel is convinced that the framework agreement submitted by US secretary Kerry would widen the gaps between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators