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Israeli minister calls for re-arresting ex-hunger striker Issawi
Israeli minister calls for re-arresting ex-hunger striker Issawi
Freed prisoner Samer Issawi
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation minister Lieberman Wednesday called on his facebook page for rearresting Samer al-Issawi and putting him in prison, reported. 

The ultra-extremist West Bank settler Lieberman justified his demand by saying that "How surprising that the first thing Issawi does after his release is call to Hamas to abduct soldiers,"

"I call to drag Issawi immediately back to prison. this is how England would treat a security prisoner who clearly has no remorse. If he wants to continue his hunger strike behind bars he is welcome to do so, or as Minister Humphrey Atkins said of the Irish hunger striking prisoner, 'If he persistently wishes to commit suicide, he is welcome to pursue his intent.'" he added. 

Issawi went on 260-day hunger strike in August 2012 in protest of Israel's decision to hand him back an earlier 26-year sentence that would keep him in prison until 2029.

With his hunger striker exposed Israel's administrative detention policy and its unfair judicial system, for which Issawi attracted a widepread attention.