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Jordan emphasized its position ahead of any peace deal agreement
, Prime Minister of Jordan Abdullah Ensour
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Jordan, ALRAY - No framework agreement,  laid down principles for solving Palestinian refugees issue,   shall be signed with out the  Hashemite Kingdom seal  of approval, Prime Minister of Jordan Abdullah Ensour said.

" Every  Palestinian refugee has been  in Jordan since 1946 and 1949 has the right of return and compensation ,"  Ensour announced the official position of Jordan. He explained that it does not include Palestinians who have Jordanian citizenship .

He explained in a meeting with the  Speaker of House of  Representatives  AtefTarawneh, Minister of Interior Hussein al-Majali, Minister of Political Development , KhaledAlclaldh, and members of al-Watan parliament block that US secretary of State John Kerry carries out a serious round of shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East .

Ensour  stressed that  the US is committed to discuss the core principles -borders , security, refugees, Jerusalem-  in the final status agreement..

He pointed out that King Abdullah II informed the US administration that Jordan must be involved in any agreement since it is bound to be the one paying the price of the Israeli and American positions.