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Maariv: Settlement shall lose Israel its last stronghold in Europe
Chancellor Angela Merkel with Israel's Perez
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli daily Maariv said in its Sunday edition that Germany is seeking to get rid of the historical burden towards the Jews and to make normal relations with Israel.

The daily interpreted this as yet another deterioration in the relations with the Europe and a drop of the last pro-Israel European strongholds, given Germany’s opposition to colonial settlement building in the occupied West Bank.

The relations started to deteriorate in September 2012, when Israel pinned hopes on Germany to thwart the Palestinian endeavor to gain membership in the UN.  

However, Israel wasn’t able to recruit the European countries to realize that objective, the daily said, which angered the Israeli state.

It added that Germany has no trust in Netanyahu as one who believes in a two-state solution, arguing that he inherited his father’s belief that Israel’s land is undividable, which further adds to Israel’s isolation.

That belief, according to the Maariv, heralds Israel’s loss of Germany, its dearest ally in Europe.   

Source: Safa News Agency