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Cabinet spends more $15 million on settlement construction
The Amona colonial outpost (Haaretz photo)
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Gaza, ALRAY - So-called ‘Mateh Binyamin Regional Council’ in the occupied West Bank disbursed $15 million over five years to several settler houses, Israeli media reported.

According to a Haaretz report, ‘Mateh Binyamin’ receives tens of millions of shekels from government each year to help maintain the outposts.

The council has authority over several colonial outposts –rendered illegal by the Israeli government- including Adei Ad, Amona, Bnei Adam, Esh Kodesh, Haresha and Hayovel and houses 50,000 inhabitants.

The daily said the council allocated a total of 51 million shekels to outposts in its annual budgets from 2008-2012.

The Israeli occupation continues colonial settlement building in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem although Fatah-dominated Palestinian Liberation Organization demanded a freeze in settlement activity as a condition to resume negotiations.