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Government: Kerry's Principles Detract from Palestinian Rights
Government: Kerry's Principles Detract from Palestinian Rights
Government Media Office-Gaza
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Palestinian Government in Gaza held its weekly meeting No (320) and concluded with the following political statement:

Palestinian-Israeli Negotiations: 

The government reiterates its dismissive  position on the pressure being exerted  by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the Palestinian negotiators to pass his principles, as they detract from Palestinian rights and justify Israel’s colonial settlements; it demands the Palestinian Authority to withdraw from the negotiations.

The Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Committee Decisions:

Government welcomes the decisions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Al-Quds Committee that support the steadfastness of Jerusalem people; however, it deems them insufficient and calls for translating them into real actions because Jerusalem is in danger.


Palestinian Government salutes the steadfast prisoners behind bars, and demands international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop his repressive practices against them; it affirms its backing of all events and advocacy campaigns in support of their issue.

Israeli Escalation:

Palestinian Government denounces continuing, unjustified Israeli escalation against the Gaza Strip. It holds the occupation responsible for the killing and wounding of civilians and emphasizes the right of the resistance movements to defend their people. The government demands the Israeli occupation to commit to cease-fire agreement terms and stop border incursions and extrajudicial assassinations. 

The Arab Parliament:

Palestinian Government appreciates the Arab Inter-parliamentary Union’s decision to form a delegation to visit the member states of the Security Council, the European Parliament and the Vatican to explain Israel’s repeated transgressions against Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem. It stresses the need that Arab governments and parliaments backs Palestinian people’s resistance and his historical rights.

Yarmouk Refugee Camp:

Government reiterates the call for continuing to neutralize the Yarmouk refugee camp from the furnace of the conflict in Syria and lift the siege imposed on it since nearly 8 months leading to dozens of deaths. The government calls for all concerned parties to shoulder the responsibilities for getting humanitarian assistance and baby milk into the camp and to put an end to the starvation crime that claimed the lives of more than 47 children and elders so far.

West Bank Political Imprisonment:

Palestinian Government deplores the rising cases of political arrests in the West Bank, given that 2013 saw more than 720 arrests of political parties’ members especially from Hamas, as more than 14 students were arrested the past week only. This contradicts with the good-will gestures made by the government in Gaza, aimed at building trust and paving the way for Palestinian reconciliation. The government calls for the West Bank leadership to turn the schism page and practically respond to the call for a Palestinian unity deal that put an end to this obnoxious division.

The UN Secretary-General 's Remarks:

Palestinian Government acclaims the remarks of Mr Ban Ki -moon affirming the illegality of any actions taken by the Israeli occupation authorities to change the historical landmarks of Jerusalem City, and calls for firmer stances on the frequent Israeli violations against the holy site.

Mounting Egyptian Media Defamation Campaign against Gaza:

Palestinian Government denounces the continued hectic media campaign launched by Egyptian media against the Gaza Strip, which are based only on a bunch of lies and inconsiderate allegations, and calls on the Egyptian authorities to rein in this campaign, which does only serve the Israeli occupation’s interests.