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Clashes between Palestinian youths, hundreds of settlers in Nablus
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Nablus, ALRAY - Violent clashes erupted on Thursday morning between civilian Palestinian youths and occupation forces accompanied by hundreds of settlers who broke into Joseph Tomb east of Nablus city, northern the occupied West Bank.


“More than nine hundred extremist settlers accompanied by occupation military patrols broke into Joseph Tomb in northern Nablus and performed their Zionist Talmudic prayers ” Witnesses reported


The occupation forces intensified its presence around the tomb and erected military checkpoints to protect the aggressive Zionist settlers during the clashes between the civilian youths and the aggressors where the Israeli soldiers fired stun grenades and gas bombs towards the civilians and the nearby homes.


The extremist  settlers break into Joseph Tomb on a weekly basis as they claim it belongs to prophet Joseph (PBUH), at the same time authentic historians confirm that the tomb belongs to a righteous man called Yousef (Joseph) Dwekat from Balata town near Nablus.