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Prisoners at Nafha prison staging protest action in April
Prisoners at Nafha prison staging protest action in April
Prisoners' families in a sit-in held weekly in front of Red Cross Gaza office (
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Gaza, ALRAY - Nafha prison inmates said they are launching protest actions in April that may include hunger strike should not Israel Prison Service (IPS) meet the terms agreed to after 'Karama (Dignity) Hunger Strike' held in April 2012. 

The lawyer of Prisoners' Club society, a prisoner rights non-for-profit organization, said that its lawyer has recently visited the prisoners and reported their demands as the following:

First: providing proper medical services to all the prisoners, especially to the sick admitted in Ramle Prison Clinic.

Second: allowing family visits for Gaza people on a bi-monthly basis.

Third: ending solitary confinement policy, a term also breached  as Israel has still been holding Dirar Abu Sisi under solitary confinement and other prisoners were then transferred to isolation centers.

Fourth: stopping to transport sick prisoners to hospitals by ‘Bosta’, a prison vehicle with no windows and a corrugated metal interior with no seats, which adds to their pain.

Fifth: making fit the waiting rooms of the prisons which are often crowded, ill-aired and dirty.

Sixth: lifting the ban on the West Bank prisoners’ families to visit with their sons and leaving off the security pretexts cited by the occupation authorities for their prevention.

Seventh: stopping to impose high prices on the canteen food and other items provided by the private Israeli company Dadash.

It is noteworthy that 1600 prisoners staged a mass hunger strike called “Karameh (Dignity) Hunger Strike" on the April 17, 2012, and suspended it after reaching an agreement of understanding with the IPS under which the later promised to meet their above-mentioned demands.