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No Palestinian state in Gaza, no Palestinian state without Gaza : Zaza
Deputy Prime Minister in Gaza, Ziad Zaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Deputy Prime Minister in Gaza, Ziad Zaza discussed on Sunday national core issues with representatives of several western media agencies in Gaza.

During a special meeting held at the Ministry of Finance in Gaza city, Zaza made clear that the Palestinian government in Gaza does not plan to establish a Palestinian state in Gaza, adding that, no Palestinian state would be established without Gaza.

He said the Palestinian government is interested in a national reconciliation and undertook practical steps towards achieving it. He stressed that a group of Fatah  leaders and members returned to Gaza and now lead a normal life.

Zaza emphasized that the government is primarily concerned with maintaining the home security which many Arab countries are seeking after nowadays.

Answering a question raised by one of the journalists about the critical status quo in Gaza after the military coup in Egypt, he explained that the Palestinian government in Gaza never ever played any role in the Egyptian internal affairs, refuting Egyptian media claims.

On the other hand, he said that the Palestinian government adapted a free market economy and is looking to privatize the border crossings. It gave instructions to a group of businessmen to form a committee in order to establish a Public Joint Stock Company to run the borders.