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Likud MK: negotiations to be extended for a year
Likud MK: negotiations to be extended for a year
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli Knesset member Ofir Akunis expected Saturday the extension of the ongoing negotiations between the occupation and Palestinian authority (PA) in Ramallah, in an effort to reach a settlement agreement within a year.

During a political forum Saturday, he said "It is possible that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will agree with U.S. President Barack Obama in their meeting scheduled in Washington next month, to extend the period of political process with the Palestinians for a year."

"There is no confrontation between Israel and the United States, but there are fundamental differences between the two countries," he added.

Akunis saw that the Israeli government's approval to withdraw to the 1967 borders would be like a "suicide," adding that such a procedure was not and will never be part of the policy of his party, "Likud", according to his assertion.

Palestinian Authority is conducting negotiations with the Israeli occupation , with a total rejection of most of the Palestinian factions.