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Haneya: Kerry’s “Framework Plan” unjust , our people unobliged to accept it
Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismael Haneya
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismael Haneya, described US secretary of State, John Kerry’s “Framework  Plan” as “unjust” confirming that the Palestinian people is unobliged to accept it and will not let the Palestinian fixed constants be touched.

Haneya stressed on not giving up Palestinians rights; vowed to work on releasing the prisoners in the Israeli prisons.

“ Framework Plan is intended to drain the Palestinian issue; our people has the right to defend its basic rights”, Haneya said Saturday while delivering a speech during opening the Veteran Prisoners Association in Gaza.

Palestinian PM pointed out that the negotiations with Israel is just a waste of time.

Haneya considered the reconciliation efforts with Fatah as an option that cannot be replaced. “We will do our best to achieve the national cohesion and the national unity against the outside conspiracies.” said Haneya

He pointed out that Palestine has no enmity with any country in the world, especially Egypt, stressing that Egypt represents the strategic depth for Palestine and Gaza.

At the end of his speech, Haneya welcomed any international efforts that help our people obtain its national rights pointing out that his government received dozens of delegates who stood beside the Palestinian issue.