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Hebrew newspaper: U.S.-made robot used in tunnels fighting
Hebrew newspaper: U.S.-made robot used in tunnels fighting
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Gaza, ALRAY - Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said on Monday the Israeli army will deploy a new US-made robot “Talon 4” to be used by “Yahloam” special military unit to fight the alleged tunnels on the border with Gaza Strip.

The robot will clear the way to army troops searching for bombs inside the discovered tunnels.

“The new robot progressed well during the last year discovering and fighting Gaza tunnels. It  was first used to inspect the recently discovered tunnel east of Khan Younis in late 2013” said officers quoted by the newspaper.

The robot can neutralize bombs in complete darkness through its long arm, catcher and a “Zig Zaor” pistol that could be activated remotely by the robot’s operators.

It can take, record and send 4D high-quality pictures and deal with different obstacles inside tunnels.

"It can carry up to 30 KGs, endure low and high temperatures, self-destruction and working at long distances underground," a mechanic battalion of the occupation army said.