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Gaza's Grand Mufti dies at 79
A large number of Gaza mourners participate in the funeral service (ALRAY Photo: Feb. 25, 2014)
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Gaza, ALRAY - A large number of mourners have participated in the funeral of the mufti of Gaza City who died late Monday at 79.  

Medical sources said that Sheikh Abd al-Karim al-Kahlout passed away at Shifa Hospital, after being admitted for three days to the Intensive Care Unit.

Ismail Haniyeh, the prime minister in Gaza, performed the funeral prayer along with many dignitaries at the al-Umari Mosque in central Gaza City.

Kahlout received his Sharia education from Al Azhar University of Egypt in 1960. He worked as a lecturer at Gaza’s Al-Azhar Institute for Religious Science for 23 years, and then at Islamic University of Gaza for 18 years and Al Azhar University for four years.