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Hebron prisoner's wife has baby from smuggled sperm
Basema al-Nawaj’a, the wife of Isa al-Nawaj’a, from Hebron, gave birth to 'Sadeen' ( Safa Images: March 7, 2014)
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Gaza, ALRAY - A West Bank Palestinian prisoner on Friday has had a child from a sperm smuggled out of an Israeli prison.

Sources from his family told Safa news agency that Basema al-Nawaj’a, the wife of Isa al-Nawaj’a, from Hebron, gave birth to 'Sadeen'.

The marks the first time a child is born to a Palestinian prisoner from Hebron.

Nawaj’a, sentenced to 22 years of imprisonment, has spent 10 years in prison so far. Before being detained, Israel kept for years going after him for his affiliation with Shuhada Al-Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah movement.

A feeling of joy overwhelmed the Nawaj’a’s family on the birthday of his new daughter.

Sperm smuggling is becoming popular among Palestinian prisoners with long-term sentences and in defiance of the Israeli occupation jailers.

Seven Palestinian births have registered thanks to sperms smuggled out of Israeli jails. In May 2013, child-bearing of Hanaa al-Za'aneen, wife of Nablus prisoner Ammar al-Zaban, marked the first attempt to bring birth to a child through smuggled sperms.

In 2013, the Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council approved artificial insemination for the wives of Palestinians in Israeli jails, saying that the couple must be married, and the pregnancy must be agreed by both partners and preferably their families.

According to Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, Addameer, there are some 5000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, 494 of whom are serving life sentences.