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Ministry of Culture releases monthly activity report
Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in Gaza on Monday released its activity report for February.

The ministry has issued a decision to establish an association for Palestinian Heritage Foundations, explaining that it is about to finish with building an exhibition hall for them and is already preparing for the inauguration.

It was agreed with the publishing houses in Gaza to organize a local book fair next April, the ministry added.

The report pointed out that a number of events were held including "A Child's Dreams" operetta at Al-Meshal Theatre and "Yarmouk Camp, We are with you" stand.

The ministry is done with the preparations to hold a one-day seminar on International Special Librarian's Day titled "Library Profession in Palestine.. Reality and Ambitions".

It has completed the second round  "Gaza Poet" contest and is preparing for the third round, the report said.  

Regarding sports, youth and children, the ministry has sponsored “Al-Hayah Youth Training Forum” which hosted 150 students from across the Gaza governorates.

Among the activities mentioned in the report is the planting of 100 ornamental trees in a number of kindergartens, opening of a handicraft avenue for children in Khan Younis, and preparing an analytical study of sport clubs of the Gaza Strip.