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International solidarity campaigns with Palestinian football
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Gaza, ALRAY - British and Irish activists launched two international campaigns in solidarity  with Palestinian football through two websites assigned for registering and  participating in exposing the violations of the Israeli occupation against the sport and athletes in Palestine.

The first campaign, launched recently under the name of "red card",  aims to collect the largest number of activists around the world to force the International Federation of Football "FIFA" to expel the Israeli football Association , as FIFA is an ethical organization that does not accept the membership of  racists and criminals against humanity.

“Membership of Israeli Football Association should be stopped until Israel respects Palestinian human rights and international law and allow the Palestinian players to practice their activities locally and internationally without restrictions.” the official discourse of the campaign stated.

The campaign listed the harassments of Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian athletes. A case in point the Israeli  restrict of  movement of the Palestinian players and prevent them from aids, experts and playing with other teams inside and outside Palestine. The authorities banned the establishment of sport  facilities and expose the players to discriminatory campaigns, too.

The activists carried out a similar campaign with the participation of famous Muslim players in the world demanding a ban on granting Israel the honor of hosting the UEFA Youth League which was held in June 2013.


The second campaign, adopted by Palestinian British Friendship Association "Camden - Abu Dis",  recorded the racist practices committed by the Israeli occupation forces against Abu Dis team players Jawher and Adam Halabiyeh who were shot in their legs   by Israeli soldiers from a zero distance last January.