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Arab Medical Union aids to Gaza reduced
Arab Medical Union aids to Gaza reduced
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Gaza, ALRAY - The ongoing closure of Rafah border crossing, the main crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, led to reduction of Arab Medical Union aids to Gaza.

Director of the Union Office in Gaza, Mahmoud Abu Draz, warned of the serious humanitarian and healthy situation in Gaza, warning of the  sever  impact of humanitarian  health crisis on the people of Gaza.

He added that the Union provided last year many services and programs that supported health sector in Gaza. However, the closure of Rafah crossing in the mid 2013 reduced those services a lot.

Abu Draz pointed out that the accumulation of shortages in basic supplies in Gaza is leading to rapid deterioration in the social determinants , putting Gaza puts lives of 2 million people in Gaza on the line.

Egyptian Authorities still close  Rafah crossing in front of Palestinian passengers and aids for the five week in a row, according to borders and crossings administration in Gaza.