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The 4th prisoner batch in return of Bolard and negotiations extent: Israel
Jonathan Pollard, who is convicted of passing classified information to Israel while working as a civilian intelligence analyst
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation army radio revealed Wednesday morning  that the Israeli government put the release  of the final batch of Palestinian prisoner  under the conditions of Palestinian Authority agreement to extent the negotiations time line and the U.S agreement to release the Israeli spy Jontan Bolard .

Occupation radio  explained that the U.S secretary  John Keri and his negotiator's staff  had presented this new proposal  after prime minister of Israeli occupation  Netanyahu informed Kerry that  Israel  will not release any Palestinian prisoner unless peace negotiations are extended.

The radio quoted Netanyahu as saying " It is difficult to release the Palestinian prisoners from pre 1948 occupied Palestinian (Israelis Arab) as a wide range of Israeli ministers opposing it , even if Abbas agreed to extend the negotiations."  

The Radio explaining that  releasing  Bolard after 30 years in America prison will reduce the Israeli opposition of releasing  the Palestinian prisoners from pre 1948 occupied Palestinian  and  enable Netanyahu to pass the decision.  

It's expected that John Keri will meet Mahmoud Abbas today in Aman to convince him to extent the negotiations.