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Report: Solidarity delegations to Gaza decreased by 95% within half a year
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Gaza, Al Ray - Palestinian government said the number of solidarity delegations to Gaza has decreased by 95% since July 2013.

Media Office of the cabinet said in a report that 218 solidarity delegations visited the besieged Gaza Strip during last year, most of which during January.

The number of solidarity delegations peaked last January at 55 composed of 1281 members, followed by February with 42 delegations composed of 1219 members.

The delegations arrived in Gaza during the last four months were only four with 38 supporters.

Palestinians in Gaza have been under an extreme economic Israeli blockade since 2007, exacerbated Egypt destroying most of the border tunnels, which Gazans used to compensate for the Israeli closure, smuggling fuel and building materials in the first place.

A recent UN report said that an estimated 1.6 million people in the Gaza Strip suffer from food insecurity and they are in need for urgent food aids.

The outgoing head of the U.N. agency that aids Palestinian refugees urged Israel and Egypt on Tuesday to lift their border restrictions on the Gaza Strip, Reuters news agency reported.