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Dozens suffer gas inhalation in Nablus
Palestinian citizen suffers from tear gas inhalation( Safa image)
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Occupied WB, ALRAY -  37 Palestinians suffered from excessive tear gas inhalation after Israeli occupation forces raided Awarta village Monday evening, the east of West Bank city of Nablus, local media reported.

Abudl Salam Awad, an anti-settlement activist, told Safa  that dozens of Israeli soldiers attacked the eastern part of the village and fired tear gas towards houses of al-Ghazawi’s family, leading to seven injuries transferred to the city hospitals. 

For the second consecutive day, the Israeli occupation soldiers attacked the village. They infiltrated from Howara camp through trees until they reach the citizens’ houses adjacent to “Itamar” settlement, firing tear gas towards the houses.

The villages and towns of Nablus governorate are subject to frequent attacks by the Israeli forces in which they carry out arbitrary detention and searching campaigns in addition to closing the entrances of the city.