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Palestinians march towards Lubya village to commemorate Nakba 66th anniversary
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Gaza, ALRAY - Thousands of Palestinians from pre-1948 Palestine  are expected to participate in "returning march" to the displaced Lubya village west of Tiberias in Galilee to commemorate Nakba 66th anniversary.

The Participants  gathered  Tuesday morning  at the entrance of the village raising slogans that affirmed the right of return for all Palestinian refugees.

"Hundreds of Palestinian youths  existed since last night in the village to prepare for the reception of the huge march; I expect that more than 20,000 Palestinians will participate," Suliam Fahmawi, member of a association defends Palestinians right of return said.

Fahmawi added that they organized other activities in the march including speeches for the original residents of the village in addition to officials from refugee department in the Palestinians Liberation Organization (PLO).

Lubya is originally a Palestinian Arab village lying ten kilometers to the west of Tiberias that was captured 'Israel' during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.