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Ahead of Nakba anniversary, Palestinians urge unity to face occupation
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Gaza, ALRAY - Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council Salem Salama called Tuesday for unifying the Palestinian home front to face the Israeli occupation.

During a festival organized by the high committee to commemorate Nakba, Salama stressed the legitimate Palestinian right to  resist the Israeli occupation until the Palestinian people realizetheir right of return.

Leading member of the political bureau of The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Talal Abu Zarifa said unity is an urging demand  for Palestinian rights, exceptionally the right of return, to be gained. 

Chairman of the Popular Committee for Refugees Ashraf Abu Mandil said during the festival that “Palestinians have to insist on their right of return and exert their efforts to reclaim the land of our forefathers,”

Massive crowds of Palestinian citizens, a group of national figures and dignitaries of the central part of the Gaza Strip have participated in the event, Theychanted with one voice “the return’s oath” and raised slogans that showed their adherence to the right of return to their land from which they were displaced in 1948.

The festival included theatrical and artistic sections in addition to Dabke, a traditional Arab folk dance.