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Israel authorities ratify bill to force-feed hunger-striking prisoners
Israel authorities ratify bill to  force-feed hunger-striking prisoners
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The Occupied Palestine, ALRAY - The Ministerial Committee for Legislation in Israel ratified Sunday a bill that allows the Israeli Prison Services (IPS) for force feeding of hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners when their lives become in danger.

Israeli Home Front Defense ministry  passed the bill of that law since 2012 after a group of Palestinian prisoners had joined in an open-ended hunger strike that time. 

The law allows the IPS to feed and provide medical care for the prisoners by force; however, the implementation of it requires approval from the head of the Israeli Central Court or his deputy. Moreover, the prisoners can represent lawyers in this regard.

The court is empowered to compel the provision of medical care, but only allows the possibility of providing the treatment to prisoners by force; however, the law will not force the doctors to perform this role against their will.

The ministry pointed out that the goal of the law is to prevent the death of prisoners on hunger strike and to be used as the last choice.

In this respect, several bodies in Israel opposed the law saying that says forcing hunger-strikers to eat is tantamount to torture.

The law needs a final ratification from the Israeli Knesset before it becomes effective.

Hundreds of administrative prisoners joined in the strike for their 26th day in a row and their lives are in extreme danger, where they demand the Israeli authorities to release them and end the administrative detention unjust policy.

On April 24, around 120 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails declared a hunger strike to protest their administrative detention.

In all, 180 of around 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are being held under administrative detention.