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US to Israel: Want More Money for Iron Dome? Share the Technology
US to Israel: Want More Money for Iron Dome? Share the Technology
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The House of Representatives in Washington has demanded that US corporations  receive a greater share in the manufacture of Iron Dome as well as  Israeli consent to transfer technological information about the system to the US as conditions for expanding the US aid for developing the air defensive systems for the 2015 fiscal year, Hebrew newspaper of Ma’ariv said.

The defense budget appropriations bill for the coming year, which was approved on Thursday by the House of Representatives, expands the aid package for Iron Dome by USD 175 million on top of the USD 176 million that is intended in the Obama administration’s defense budget proposal.

If Israel fulfills the conditions included in the bill, and if the bill is approved by the Senate and is signed by the president, the US will transfer USD 301 million to Iron Dome in 2015. However, the probability that the document, in its current form, will pass this path of obstacles is negligible.

The bill further states that Israel’s other missile programs that are being developed in collaboration with the US, including the Magic Wand system and Arrow missile 3, will receive a total aid package of USD 268.7 million in the 2015 fiscal year. The total aid for the Israeli missile programs amounts to USD 601 million according to the House of Representative’s bill.