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Abbas: reconciliation achievement is a gift to our martyrs’ souls
Abbas: reconciliation achievement is a gift to our martyrs’ souls
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
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Ramallah, ALRAY - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that no one could stop the progress of the national reconciliation and the new unity government will work effortlessly to end the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip and improve their standard of living.

During the swearing-in ceremony of the new Palestinian unity government in Ramallah on Monday, The President said that he will be in Gaza  “the land of heroes” soon indicating that the new government has a lot to do to cement the unity of Palestinian institutions.

“Any punitive measures and threats by Israel against the national reconciliation will make us even stronger in keeping our accomplishments. We will have a suitable response for such measures.” Abbas added.

Under terms of a deal signed on April 23, the main Palestinian rivals, Fatah and Hamas, agreed to establish a unity cabinet of 17 independent ministers that would organize long-delayed elections.

Abbas stated that the new government will be transitional and its mission is to prepare for the presidential and public elections. He appreciated all countries that contributed and supported achieving the national reconciliation.

President Abbas dedicated this achievement to the souls of the Palestinian martyrs and the hero prisoners who are on continuous hunger strikes.

He insisted that the prisoners’ issue will be prioritized and promoted through the media, diplomatic and legal campaigns in all over the world and through protecting their families and rights.