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Israeli occupation neglects prisoners demands: Palestinian centre
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation did not respond to the prisoners’ demands yet disregarding their hunger strike for 41 consecutive days, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies Riyad al-Ashqar said.

He explained in a statement that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) did not listen to the prisoners’ demands to reach a solution for their issue.”

“The IPS is trying to derail the strike by practicing repressive measures against prisoners including the policy of transferring them between prisons despite their deteriorating health condition,” He added. 

About 400 prisoners have been declaring the strike and the number is increasing, al-Ashqar indicated.

He named  some prisoners whose health was deteriorated due to the strike including Wadah Dweikat, Bahaa Yaeish, Nael Khalaf, Taser al-Badrasawi and Ashrf al-Juneidi who is vomiting blood.