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To implement Prawer Plan, Israeli authorities demolish schools(photos)
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ALRAY - Israeli occupying authorities decided to demolish schools in Wadi al-Nea'am village in Negev Desert and transfer others to Shqeb al-Salam village.

Demolishing the schools and transferring others are aimed to implement Prawer Plan.

The Plan called for the Israeli government to displace70,000 Palestinian Bedouins, confiscate 800,000 dunums of land and demolish 40 villages in Negev.

Member of the High Steering Committee of the Arabs of the Negev, Joma'a Zubariqah, said that this resolution gives a green light to displace the village's residents by force.

Moving schools is the first step to implement Prawer Plan on the land of virtual reality. It is an alarm by the occupation for the residents to leave their villages, he added.

Despite of this measure, Wadi Na'eam residents insisted on staying at the village and refused to send their children to other schools, al-A'asam pointed out.

Arab MK Talab Abu Erar requested Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to halt the whole measures of destroying the schools.

He warned the Israeli authorities of destroying facilities, evacuating people , and forcing students to leave their schools pointing out that this may arouse the Arabs' anger.