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Housing Minister holds contacts with foreign countries
Minister of Public Works and Housing Mofeed al-Hasaina (Photo File)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Minister of Public Works and Housing Mofeed al-Hasaina said Sunday that he has contacted China, Russia, Germany and India to bring support for housing and infrastructure projects in Gaza.

Hasaina said that, "We welcome investment in the housing and infrastructure sector,” pointing out that he received many calls from businesspersons who have interest in establishing housing projects in Gaza to alleviate the deficit in residential houses.

He hoped that the government would be able to end the imposed siege of Gaza and open the crossings.

Hasaina was appointed last week as the Minister of Public Works and Housing in the Palestinian consensus government formed on June 2.

The new government consists of three ministers from Gaza and 14 others from the occupied West Bank. Israeli occupation authorities refused to give three Gaza ministers visas to cross into Ramallah to be sworn in at the Palestinian Presidency headquarters.