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Arab League: Israel is fully responsible for hunger strikers' lives
Arab League: Israel is fully responsible for hunger strikers' lives
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Gaza, Al Ray - The Arab League held the Israeli government fully responsible for the lives of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for 54 days protesting the administrative detention policy.

The league in a statement issued Monday condemned the Israeli government’s approval of the force-feeding bill against the prisoners, recommended by the ‘Shin Bet’, Israel's internal security service.

The Israeli parliament (Knesset) in recent times passed the first reading of the force-feeding bill, which allows the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to request permission from the Israel Central Court to force-feed a hunger striking detainee or prisoner if necessary.

The statement stressed full solidarity with the prisoners’ issue, especially the administrative detainees on hunger strike, demanding a serious and strong pressure to be mounted by the international community on ‘Israel’ to quickly release them, reject and condemn this law and the policy of administrative detention.

'Israel’ is keeping 189 prisoners under administrative detention; between 100 to 125 of them staged a hunger strike on April 24, having only water, vitamins, salt and sugar, in protest of their imprisonment.

Roughly 70 detainees, almost with chronic diseases or elderly, have been hospitalized after their health deteriorated because of the hunger strike.