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EADPD reaches out to int'l bodies to save Palestinian hunger strikers
EADPD reaches out to int'l bodies to save Palestinian hunger strikers
Children participating in an event to show solidarity with Palestinian prisoners (Safa Images)
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Gaza, Al Ray - The European Alliance in Defense of Palestinian Detainees (EADPD) sent urgent petitions to international and human rights organizations to intervene to save Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for 55 days.

The alliance in the petitions addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, and Nabil Elaraby, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, in addition to a number of human and international organizations.

The EADPD appealed for intervention to save the Palestinian hunger strikers’ lives, and guarantee their legitimate, internationally-recognized rights.

According to the letters, "Israel continues to evade the international laws and the Geneva Conventions with regard to the inhabitants of an occupied territory, and arrest hundreds of Palestinian men and women under security pretexts and without charge,”

“There are about 200 administrative captive in Israeli jails languishing for months or even years long and without being tried or charged,” the Alliance pointed out.

“To protest the bad conditions of detention, about 150 prisoners declared a hunger strike and have been living on water and salt since about two months. The health of those has worsened and they are facing death, insisting that their demands are met," it added.

The EADPD called on the international bodies to promptly mediate the release of the hunger-striking detainees, and force the Israeli authorities to quit this ‘manipulative measure’ of detaining Palestinian citizens before it is too late.