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Tamim celebrates kinder graduation without his father
Tamim celebrates kinder graduation without his father
Tamim Abu Arqoub
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Gaza, ALRAY - Stealing the spotlight,  Tamim Abu Arqoub ,5, celebrated Wednesday the kindergarten graduation singing for his detained father in Israeli jails " one day you will came back."

On this special day for every child , Tamim stood on the stage teary-eyed and celebrated his graduation by singing  for the  Palestinian administrative detainees.

Azam, Tamim's father, has been administratively  detained for three years. He declared hunger strike since last April 24.

" l was looking to celebrate this day with my Dad," Tamim said. 

His mother explained that this day reminded her of his birth day when Tmim's father was serving in Israeli jails. 

“ Every morning Tamim asks me : My father does not eat, does he? , he drinks water and eats salt only? " his mother tearfully said, explaining that she has no answer but “that’s true, son.”

I tried my best to beguile my children in order to ease the effects of his father's  absence, she said.

Tamim asked the international organizations and human rights to practice their duties in putting an end for his father suffering.

On April, 24th, administrative Prisoners started an open hunger strike which continues until this moment calling to revoke Administrative detention, since there are prisoners been detained for more than 5 years.

There are still 150 prisoners on hunger strike facing critical health conditions, without any kind of understanding from the Israeli side regardless of the prisoners’ basic human needs.